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China Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Manufacturer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: NANJING
Brand Name: DILONG
Certification: CE
Model Number: DL80
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one set
Packaging Details: HC can contain 1 set machine and spare HDD PARTS
Delivery Time: After advance payment in 7 days

The costs of this operation are orders of magnitude cheaper than microtunneling or directional drilling. As mentioned, no drilling fluids are used other than for lubricating the pipe casings and auger, therefore, reducing the potential impact on surrounding soil.


As the casing is installed at the same time as the auger operation continues, the surrounding soil is held in place by the casing and there is limited opportunity for soil collapse or damage to roads, rail tracks on the surface.


Although the directional steering is limited, the grade of the bore can be accurately set through the alignment of the equipment in the entrance pit. The operation of the horizontal auger boring machine is relatively simple compared to more technological trenchless methods.


This means that less training is required, and the system can be used in developing countries where skilled resources aren't easily available.


Disadvantages of Horizontal Auger Boring

Some of the disadvantages of  there is very limited ability to steer a horizontal auger boring machine, hence the alignment in the entrance pit is critical to ensure the correct path to the desired exit. Also, horizontal auger boring is not suitable for wet running ground or ground where there is a high frequency of boulders.


Horizontal auger boring is one of the oldest and most successful methods of trenchless construction. Although some newer technologies offer specific advantages in certain ground conditions and in steering ability, horizontal auger boring remains a low cost and highly effective method for many applications.


As this technology continues to advance and improvements made to the steering ability of auger machines, the auger boring machine will remain one of the common methods of trenchless construction for the foreseeable future.


  • Undercrossings

     directional drilling under streets, rivers, railway embankments and other obstacles 

  • Longitudinal bores

    directional drilling parallel to streets, waters and buildings

  • Installation of protection pipes

     for all kinds of media and pipes the using flexible HDD method

  • Rock drilling 

     directional drilling in geologically complex terrains up to solid rock 


Special hdd machine application

  • Drainage construction

     vibration free drainage of dykes, slopes and or dumps using directional drilling

  • Well construction

     Construction of horizontal drinking water wells or intakes using HDD

  • Geotechnical applications

     using directional drilling, e.g. to stabilise dams 

  • and much more



Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring, is a minimal impact trenchless construction technique used to install underground pipelines, conduits, cables or any other utility along a predefined path.


Our free guide will provide industry professionals with a deeper understanding of HDD and how to apply that knowledge to trenchless construction.



Drill head φ42mm (Direct connection)


Drill rod, φ42*1828mm


Barel reamer φ 150mm


Reamer φ 200mm


Reamer φ 300mm


Reamer φ 400mm


Power divider/Swivel 10T


Protection joint/Sub saver


Male-female connector/Pull eye


Clamp slip


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