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HDD boring machine

There are several ways of underground pipelines construction, none of them stands still, and they are constantly developing and improving. One of the relatively recently input technologies is the technology of horizontal directional drilling.

If there is no chance to lay pipelines by cut-and-cover method, horizontal directional drilling technologies are considered the most appropriate. HDD technology is often used in construction of the communication lines crossing highways, railways, lakes, wetlands and other waters.

This technology is also applicable in the densely populated areas of large cities. Its undeniable advantage is the minimum damage causing to the environment, as well as, short terms of drilling works.

Classification of the Hdd boring machine

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine   can be classify into two types according to the way of drilling equipment movements:
Self-propelled. HDD-machine, which move all by themselves using crawler track. The track chain can be steel or rubber depending on pulling force of the drilling rig.
Non self-propelled. Such drill equipment are not equipped with crawler track. The movement of them are provided by crane.


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